Head Instructor

Master Justin J. Castillo

Master   Castillo,   a   native   of   Las   Cruces,   has   been   diligently   practicing martial   arts   for   28   years   and   has   been   teaching   for   the   last   24   years. Master   Castillo,   a   6th   Degree   Black   Belt   in   Taekwondo   &   5th   Degree Black   Belt   in   Hapkido,   has   had   the   tremendous   opportunity   to   train with   many   different   highly   distinguished   martial   arts   masters   over   the past   twenty   seven   years.   He   is   always   ecstatic   to   share   his   knowledge with   others.   He   has   trained   numerous   students   up   through   the   black belt    levels    and    has    produced    many    state    and    national    champion competitors.   Master   Castillo   has   also   had   the   opportunity   to   help   build the    new    Iraqi    government's    police    and    soldier    forces,    teaching hundreds    valuable    life-saving    hand    to    hand    combat    skills.    One    of Master   Castillo's   biggest   goals,   is   to   give   back   to   the   city   of   Las Cruces,   NM   teaching   students   to   be   good   citizens,   who   are   confident, respectful,   physically   fit,   and   are   able   defend   themselves.   Maximum Martial   Arts   Center   is   the   only   Combat   Veteran   owned   and   operated martial arts school in Las Cruces.  

Sabumnim Amanda Shields-

4th Degree Black Belt Kukkiwon Taekwondo

Assistant Head Instructor

All   of   our   instructors   are   highly   qualified,   internationally   certified   black   belts,   who   consistently   train   to   be experts   in   their   perspective   arts.   All   instructors   at   Maximum   Martial   Arts   are   focused   on   the   martial   education of each student, helping them to successfully achieve their goals both physically and mentally.    
Our other Maximum Martial Arts Instructors include: Sabumnim Terry Jameson- 4th Dan Black Belt Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo Kyosanim Gabriella Hernandez- 3rd Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon Taekwondo Kyosanim Joshua Brockman- 1st Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon Taekwondo Kyosanim Anthony Tarazoff- 2nd Dan Black Belt World Kido/Hanminjok Hapkido Vince Negron- Head Assistant Kickboxing Instructor (22 Years Experience)
Master Justin Castillo, Head Instructor

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