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Maximum Kickboxing

Maximum   Fitness   Kickboxing   Las   Cruces   is   a   very fun   and   exciting   class   for   teens   and   adults   looking to    get    into    shape.    The    fast    paced,    hard    hitting action   of   the   class   will   be   sure   to   make   you   sweat! This   class   is   full   of   energy   and   enthusiasm.   Even with   the   high-intensity   nature   of   this   class,   we   still foster   a   SAFE   and   friendly   environment.   This   is not   a   run   of   the   mill   cardio-kickboxing   class,   but instead   a   class   truly   meant   to   help   you   achieve your   physical   fitness   goals,   to   challenge   yourself, and   to   learn   the   tried   and   true   fundamentals   of kickboxing! We    teach    a    mixture    of    Muay    Thai, Taekwondo   kicking,   and   American   Boxing,   making a   very   versatile   style   of   kickboxing.   We   take   our roles    as    teachers    seriously,    while    helping    our students to have fun during the learning process. Kickboxing   can   be   your   tool   to   a   healthy   and   fit body    that    can    only    add    positive    forces    to    your mind      and      body.      If      you      are      feeling      tired, depressed,   bored,   would   also   like   to   improve   your looks,   or   are   looking   to   learn   new   skills   this   can   be your   answer.   It   is   up   to   you,   and   only   you,   to   get your health on the right track! Our Maximum Fitness Kickboxing Classes meet three days a week: Monday/Wednesday/Friday (Mornings) 9:00-10:00am   (Evenings) 8:00-9:00pm Pricing: $69 Monthly (No Contracts)

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>Open to all levels of fitness and experience

Our kickboxing classes are open to anyone 13 yrs old and above. You do not need to be a specimen of physical perfection to join our classes.  Our classes are meant for everyone one of all skill and fitness levels. We will teach and guide you toward better fitness, while helping you learn effective kickboxing techniques.  
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