Our Facilities

At   Maximum   Martial Arts   Center,   we   are   very   proud   to   provide   the   best   possible   training   facility   to   our   students.   We   have an   expansive   training   area,   filled   with   the   most   state   of   the   art   training   equipment   available.   Our   lobby   includes   a comfortable   and   convenient   parent/family   viewing   area,   a   homework   station,   water   receptacles,   two   bathrooms,   a completely   stocked   retail   area   and   reception   desk.   Our   facilities   are   always   clean   and   well   organized.   Our   training   mats are   steam   cleaned   throughout   the   week   to   promote   a   sanitary   and   healthy   environment.   We   treat   our   school   as   a   very special    place    of    learning    on    a    physical,    mental,    and    spiritual    level.    Our    school    is    a    uniquely    dynamic    learning environment suited for people, who enjoy a professional atmosphere.
Maximum Martial Arts Building Exterior Maximum Martial Arts Training Floor Parent Seating Area
Building exterior with ample parking (handicap accessible) and great safety lighting
Main training area with extensive amounts of training equipment, used to facilitate the learning process
Main parent seating area overlooking the training floor with additional seating areas in the lobby area
Facilities Maximum Martial Arts Center
Reception Desk/Retail Area at the entrance to the school; We have all the equipment needed to make training both safe and fun for our students
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Maximum Martial Arts