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Maximum Martial Arts

We Are Maximum!

Changing Lives One Kick at a Time

Maximum   Martial   Arts   Center   is   the   premier family   martial   arts   school   serving   the   city   of Las      Cruces,      New      Mexico.      We      pride ourselves       on       teaching       an       excellent foundation   of   traditional   martial   art   values, while   providing   the   best   and   latest   in   self- defense       and       physical       fitness.       Our instructors        are        highly        experienced, internationally   certified   professionals,   who focus    on    providing    quality    instruction    to every    student,    challenging    them    in    new ways     every     day.     We     are     dedicated     to promoting   a   fun,   safe,   and   clean   learning environment   for   our   students.      Our   martial arts   classes   are   specially   designed   to   help each   student   improve   in   all   aspects   of   life. Respect,   discipline,         self-control   and   social responsibility   are   paramount   in   our   martial arts    instruction.        Our    students    learn    to harness     their     emotions     and     to     make positive    contributions    in    today's    society, fostering   a   sense   of   “Black   Belt   Excellence” inside    and    outside    of    the    classroom.    Our instructor   team   at   Maximum   Martial   Arts   is proud to be mentoring tomorrow's leaders!
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